Close Calls

Managing Risk and Resilience in Airline Flight Safety

About the author

Carl Macrae is a social psychologist specialising in how organisations achieve high levels of safety, reliability and resilience. His work focuses on aviation and healthcare and is particularly concerned with how safety improvements are initiated, interpreted and organised; how organisations respond to disruptions, manage risk and learn from error; and how organisational and regulatory systems can be designed to support local innovation and improvement.

Carl is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, a Research Associate at the London School of Economics Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation and a Chartered Psychologist. His work spans research, policy, regulation and practice in a range of safety-critical industries and he holds a PhD in risk and safety management.

Previously he has held posts including Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College London, Special Advisor and Business Architect at the NHS National Patient Safety Agency, Senior Research Fellow at University of Leicester medical school, two ESRC research fellowships at the London School of Economics, and visiting positions at Stanford University, University of California San Francisco, Cranfield University Safety and Accident Investigation Centre and the Australian National University, Canberra. He has also worked as a regulatory and prudential affairs associate in the risk management group of an investment bank.

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